Boni announces new restaurant in Southern Spain

June 24, 2022

Boni is proud to announce their new restaurant, Playa Nini, a modern Mediterranean restaurant located in San Pedro, Marbella, on the south coast of Spain.

Playa Nini is one of the top rated restaurants in Marbella, with a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, a cocktail bar and a beachfront with sunbeds to enjoy Marbella’s sun in front of the tropical Mediterranean Sea.

Playa Nini is also known for it’s astounding seafood selection, with some of the best seafood in the whole of Marbella including Paellas and Seafood Skewers, cooked up right on the Mediterranean seafront.

Playa Nini will be reaching new heights, reaching a whole new audience, making Playa Nini one of the most popular restaurants on the Marbella seafront.

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